Artist’s Statement
Chris Howard was born in Texas and moved at an early age to South Florida. As a child, Chris developed his love for art through the natural beauty of the outdoors. Today, he connects spiritually to the Florida estuaries through his hobbies: catch & release fly-fishing, kayaking, and eco-photography. Through this keen connection, Chris developed an eye for the detail and colors present in many of his marine paintings.

Chris prefers to work with Watercolor as his medium, although he is also skillfully adept in Charcoal, Gouache, Ink, and Oil Pastels. His realist approach is sometimes encroached upon by a touch of surrealism – a favorite ‘side’ project of his. This surreal air contrasts with the high quality detail in both unity and form that is present in his subjects’ scales. His paintings average from 22" x 30" to 26" x 40" and sustain Game fish as an important, primary subject matter.

Artist’s thought: “A fish presents a symbol of greatness and goodness."
Chris Howard presently lives and works as an Elementary School Art Teacher in Miami, Florida. He shares his love for outdoor natural beauty with urban youth in grades K-6.