December 23, 2012Luis Leinberger

Hey Chris, it's been a while! I just checked out your site and was blown away. I remember seeing some of your artwork back in the day, but I did not remember you did such amazing marine wildlife. I'm happy to see you being recognized for your talent. So, I was looking to buy a print but got a little lost in the site. Can you send me a link? Also, I currently live in Golden, Colorado. In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains (Home of Coors Brewery) just west of Denver, near Red Rocks Amphitheater. We have some pretty impressive fly-fishing within 15min. If you ever want to come out, my home is always open. Well, look forward to the print link. Talk soon. Luis L.

August 10, 2012Krissy Wejebe

Hey Chris,
I just wanted to thank you for your permit painting for my dad. Thank you so much for attending, and watching.

Krissy Wejebe
(Jose Wejebe's daughter)

November 20, 2011Walter

Yo Buddy,
Thanks for the Tri-state flyfishing book. I'm gonna spend the next couple of winter months reading up and making plans to see how many of these places I can fish next year. This season is almost over and the fish have disapeered as fasrt as candy in a kindergarden class. Make some plans and come up next Spring when the fishing gets hot again. Tight lines and I'll see you when I come down south again.

August 26, 2011Stephen Gildert

Great pics. Chris every time I am here I see new things. I like the pic of johann and the bonefish. Miss seeing you up north of the border. Hit me up to fish sometime. I'm playing with snakeheads and Knifefish lately. I will post up some pics soon at, one of my students site....Talk to you soon bud...

August 05, 2011Harry Adams

Love the website! I like the Art Deco Fish.
Best wishes,

August 06, 2010Leone

whats up brother? your site is awesome. good to see you using your summer off to do what you love. you fish with class. keepin very few fish and using artificials and fly as much as possible. how you can balance on top of a cooler with a push pole for hours will always amaze me. you are truly the fish whisperer. lol.

May 08, 2010Brian Logan

Hey Chris it\'s Brian. Love your work and the website.

April 26, 2010M. Eileen Herzog-Bazin / Ms. H

How great are you painting! What beautiful colors! You have captured the "movement" of the fish
Eileen / "H"

April 25, 2010Clark Diaz

Chris, I met you at the autism fishing tournament. You took a few pictures of my team,(my daughter Nicole,me and mybuddy,Brad) as well as pictures with Nicoles, Tico, and myself. I'd love to view and purchase, as well as look through other tournament photos.


Clark- Clark's Fish & Guide Service

April 23, 2010Molly Fleming

Hi Chris I am with the IWFA would you be so kind as to send me yur address

April 22, 2010Nazha Ali

I just don't know what to type.
All your work is amazing and very beautiful.
I wish you were my art teacher again:)
And the website is amazing,as well.
Hope I get to talk to you again soon.

August 21, 2009Bill Breland

Hey Christopher
You are the best there ever was. I love all of your art work. You are a chip off the ole block (ha) I have one of your dads drawings also. I saw your painting in the Museum at Lake Darnelle State Park and it is Awsome. Hope to see you and your lovely wife soon.
Bill and Grandi-Ma

July 15, 2009Andrew Korge

Website looks great!! Let's get together soon and plan a lunch with Monty and Lilia Garcia to see how we can get an image of yours considered for the CGAF poster. Call me when you can at 305-962-2864. See you soon.


July 08, 2009Ricky Ruz

Hey what's up Chris? This is Ricky Ruz I hope everything is going really well for you.
I was checking out your art and I think that it's amazing. I'd like to buy one of your snook pictures.
Ricky Ruz
(305) 962-1061

March 02, 2009M. Batist

Mr. Howard your site is awesome and I love the photographs! Thanks for sharing this with me, your photographs made me happy this morning.

December 16, 2008Randy G.

Man, it's been a while since I've been on your site and whatta treat....your work has definitely flourished...words can't express my pride, brother...showed off your work to friends here at work (shhh!!), and they love it....keep it up...South Miami isn't going to know what hit them!! tight lines and slack

January 14, 2008steve gildert

great additions since I was here last. glad to see the pics of the peacock bass. can not wait for the spring to fish for them. come in and see me at bass pro I have some new fly tying ideas ( and flies) for you.

November 17, 2007Juan Gil

Oh My God! Dude I didn't know you could draw like this. You are absolutely amazing. I really like your stuff. Let me know if you are selling any of this stuff. My father in law goes fishing 3 times a week. . I am sure he would love one of your paintings. Wow. I don't know what to say.