Chris releasing a redfish in Biscayne Bay

Chris and Wes released a nice snook early in the morning, then, Chris released this 30 inch redfish in Biscayne Bay

Redfishing with Bennie

Bennie and I went redfishing releasing all of them and we also released a snook as well. January 2013. Great start for the New Year



Redfishing 2014


Fishing for Reds

Nice snook 2012 Dec

Bennie's snook in the west coast

Bennie with his Bonefish in Biscayne bay 2012

Bennie and Mark hooked and released a bonefish, permit, and tarpon in Sept. of 2012 in Biscayne Bay

Redfish and Permit on same day 2012

After catching and releasing a beautiful Redfish in Cardsound, Chris also hooked up and released this Permit in August of 2012.

Nice Redfish on Fly

Chris' 30 inch redfish in July in the Keys. 2012

one of the 8 redfish caught and released

Flamingo Redfishing 2012

Hooking up with a Redfish in Flamingo 2012

Went fishing with my great friend, Bennie, and made a trip to Flamingo.
We had an excellent day from the begining. We both caught and released
8 redfish each. We also missed about 3. 2012

This Snook is for Abboud

This catch dedicated to a great friend to me who passed too early, for you Richard Abboud, RIP May 2012

Bennie's slot Snook!

DOA Shrimp fooled this Snook. Great catch Bennie, Happy NEw Year. What a way to end the year with the last fishing trip of 2011.

Slot size snook Flamingo

Chris' beautiful Snook in Flamingo Summer 2011

Big River CATFISH in Germany 2011

Johannes with this huge monster German catfish. You are the River Monster Master. Congrats. Adding to this, he also had a grandslam, catching 3 certain species of fish in the River Main in one day.
WOW. See you soon

Monster Gator Trout / City limits of Miami

Spent Sunday looking for some trout and there were plenty of them near Downtown Miami. Sometime early in the morning, after hooking up with 4 huge 100 pound Tarpon, I also hooked and landed this monster Gator Trout measuring 24 inches. I was fishing with Bennie. Thanks bud

Brown Trout in Rio Tolten, Chile

With my cousins in Chile, fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Rio Tolten, Chile

Chris and Giselle in their trip to the south region of Chile fishing the Rio Tolten

Landing one of three reds for the day. The big one did not get away.

The last Redfish caught and released before the peak of high tide. This 29inch Redfish was just too big to hide, even from the pea soup murky water. Tailing from far, Bennie's redfish gave him a wonderful fight on fly.

Nice Flamingo redfish

One of many of the redfish that were caught and released at Flamingo with Bennie. A wonderful 25inch Red. Woo hoo.

Johannes with his first bonefish. July 2010

Hello Johannes, welcome back to Miami. My friend arrived to Miami from Germany and has been fishing for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, the wind and thunder storms have taken over, but that didnt stop us from fishing. With a 24 inch Black drum and a 24 lb Goliath Grouper already caught and released earlier in the week of his vacation, we tried to look for some big redfish in Mosquito Lagoon. On his last day here, we went to Islamorada in the hunt for the great bonefish. After a long morning with not a bonefish in sight, it was around 4pm with a dropping tide when we hooked up with a 30 inch bonefish. Remarkable catch! It was just a year ago when Johannes hooked up with his monster permit and know he added his bonefish to his list of fish to catch. Congrats Johannes and hope to see you soon my friend. We had lots of fun. July 25, 2010.

Flamingo Redfish 2010

Lindsey Howard visiting Florida with an awesome memorable catch. We decided to fish on a Monday and it turned out to be a bad idea. After being caught in the worst storm, we get to the dock just to say a prayer for getting home safe. So, before she left, she asked me if we could go back. We went two days later and her first redfish was caught and released. Great memorable catch and I love you little sister. July 2010!

Randy's Bonefish, In memory of our friend Isidro 2009

So Randy and I decided to go fishing after a rough week with the bad news of our friend Isidro passing away. One of my favorite days with Isidro was when he caught and released his first bonefish on his first fishing trip about 5 years ago. Anyways, Randy and I went fishing and around 9 am, we saw and missed a permit. About an hour later, I saw a school of bonefish flash near the shore. At first, I thought it was a school of mullet, but then a huge flash appeared again and I told Randy to cast his shrimp. Randy casted without knowing where the school of fish were and his line started peeling fast. A bonefish was hooked. After a great fight and some pictures, we released itand it swam away. We just sat there and looked at each other and thought the same thing. This catch was for our friend. This fishing trip sunk deep into our hearts and was locked into our memory box. In memory of Isidro. Oct 2009

Chris Howard's 25 lb Tarpon 2009

After Randy landed and released his Biscayne Bonefish on Saturday, the Tarpon started to roll and feed. They were scattered around the flats between 3 and 5 feet north of Turkey Point. The wind was picking up and a front was about to come through on Sunday. We landed my 25 LB Tarpon and a 7 LB bonefish. We managed to hook other tarpon around the area, but never landed them. Oct. 2009

Chris Howard's first Permit July 20, 2007

On a hot day in July, I decided to go fishing in the hunt for a Permit and a bonefish, too. I poled near Turkey Point for about 3 hours. At the time, I was fishing on my grandpa's aluminum boat made in 1962, which I named it after him, LEON. It started to get really windy, so I started poling back to the marina. Almost poling for 6 hours now, I was getting frustrated because the wind was blowing against me and I had not seen a fish. I was about 30 yards away from the dock, when suddenly I spooked the most massive Permit. Now, I was upset at myself. I staked out and chummed the water with that last few shrimp that I had left. Standing in the front of the boat, I held my rod with a blue crab on the hook like the size of a sand dollar. I waited and waited. I was impatient, so I picked up the pole and started to move, then, I spooked the Permit again. AHHH! I was really upset now because it had been only 5 minutes since I chummed the water. I have more patience than that. So, I waited and waited again. Out in the distance, I saw another permit, but not so massive. It was swimming towards me and before it got close, it turned and swam north away from me. I looked up and sighed. Then I looked to my left and there it was, the massive permit that I had spooked twice. I tossed my crab and like the speed of light, it swam and ate the crab. As I was fighting it, the wind kept drifting me away from the dock. After 40 minutes or so , I landed it and YELLED "YES" very loud. There was another man on his Kayak from NC watching me fight and land this fish. He came over to take my picture, then I released it. The permit was 37inches about 19 lbs. As I poled back, it had hit me, I started to remember fishing trips with Grandpa. I was lucky to be there and memories poured down my face. After 5 minutes, I was eager to get to the dock. As I was heading back, my pole got stuck in the mud and the boat kept moving. I held onto the pole and fell in the water. It was so funny, I laughed while I swam the boat back to the dock. How ironic though, I fell in the water at the same place where I had hooked the fish. After this catch, I retired the boat that I inhereted in 2000 and have fished with my grandpa for a long time. I gave it to my Brother in law, who appreciated it and I bought "THE FISH WHISPERER", a Gheenoe. In memory of Leon, God Bless You.

Johannes First Permit 2009

On his first day here in Miami, Johannes from Germany missed several bonefish in late June of 2009. Good Luck was on his side for sure as he started his two week vacation. I had not seen him since December of 2007. Anyways, several days went by and we decided to fish near Cardsound Bridge. We launched around 9am and 7 hours later, not one fish was in sight. So we called it a day. Into the main channel, we ran into a small creek with mangroves hugging each other creating the best shade ever. We went through and ended up into the same cove that we had fished all day earlier. Suddenly, a pair of Permit were swimming. GRAB THE CRAB. I poled slowly and he followed all of my instructions. On his first cast, it was too far, but I knew that when his crab landed on the second try and the fish did'nt spook, we had a permit for sure. 20 seconds later, the reel screamed and we had one on. He faught it for about 25 mins and landed it. Johannes' first Permit was one of my most memorable fishing trips ever. After a long day, we were exhausted, and Luck was on our side. That creek was like a time machine as we forgot that we had fished for 7 hours without seeing a fish. It was 32 inches.

Christophe's first permit 2009

I met Christophe at the Miami Going Green Festival in Downtown Miami. I had told him about a couple of spots to catch bonefish. With no luck, we stayed in touch and offered him a fishing trip with me. As we met, I learned that he would not stay in Miami as his job would transfer him in a couple of months. My bestfriend tagged along on his Gheenoe. I poled first in front and spotted a pair of Permit. "1 o'clock, there" I said. Christphe tossed his crab and bam! He hooked up and we started to follow the Permit nearTurkey Point. What a smile this fish gave Christophe. Pursuing either a bonefish or permit, he managed to hook and land his first Permit that was 33inches in Aug of 2009. Great Cast and great catch.

Randy's Mosquito Lagoon Red 2008

It had been a long time since Randy landed or even seen a redfish. As him being my best man for my wedding, I decided to have a Best Man camping trip with him to Mosquito Lagoon. That morning on our first time in Mosquito Lagoon, swirls of bait fish were everywhere as the sun rose. I hooked up with a nice 22 inch trout and a 23 inch Redfish. Randy, on the front of my old aluminum boat named after my grandfather LEON, watched a school of Reds swim near us. Casting his shrimp quietly, he hooked up and it had the power of a bull. 2 hours of fishing and both of us had landed our redfish, which was the goal for our two day trip. After that, it was windy and really cold. We managed to catch and release another one that was 21 inches the next day. His red was about 26 inches long. NIIICE!
Randy's Mosquito Lagoon Redfish April 2008

Shawn's first bonefish 2008

Speaking of being lucky! For almost two years I have been fishing for bonefish before I actually hooked and landed one. Shawn, a great friend of mine from High School, went fishing with me in the summer of 07. This was his first time bonefishing. I taught him what to look for: tailing fish, wakes, sand blown up, and flashes underwater. After launching the boat, I spotted some tailing bonefish. With the tide already halfway up, the tails would barely stick out of the water. It was difficult for Shawn to recognize until it tailed really well as it was sticking it's nose in the sand. It was cooperating with us as it stayed tailing while I poled up to it. Shawn put the cast wide right, wide left, and too short. I was thinking this fish was going to spook and swim away. I felt my heart beat by my throat and wouldn't you know it, Shawn, like a pro, placed the crab right where it should be and the bonefish splashed water with it's tail and took OFF swimming. This Biscayne Bone was caught and released after a few pictures. He was tagged, too. It was the only fish we saw that day, but it was a great day for one to experience the art of flats fishing; hook, catch, and the release!
Shawn's first bonefishing trip. What a catch! 2007

Jorge's catch to remember 2008

A NEW YEARS EVE to remember. Jorge, another great High School friend of mine, had been dreaming of hooking and landing his first Snook before the year was over. With no luck in the past, I set up a fishing trip with him. In the beautiful backwaters of Everglades City, we fished for about 3 hours and he managed to hook and land his first snook, which was only 13 inches. I have never seen someone so happy like Jorge after he caught his first snook. Screaming "YES!" he had the biggest smile on his face. It was tiny though, but he appreciated that it was a snook. I waited for the tide to rise. The Barron River started to get some current. I found my usual spots that I have had luck in before. We were using Gold DOA shrimp. We both casted and as we were letting the lure sink, we both set the hook at the same time. Both of us hooked up to a snook. My snook jumped twice and it came off. Luckly, it was mine because it was only about 18 inches or so. He faught his out of the mangroves and the 25 inch snook was landed. His smile was from ear to ear, bigger than his first smile earlier. It was a miracle Snook for my buddy Jorge and we called it a day. Great catch. 2007